How I Built An Online Business At Home In 7 Days & How Much Money I Made $$$

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I am so excited and genuinely passionate about this new online business of mine! I love coaching others, especially those in the real estate industry. Be sure to check back in a few months to see how I continue to grow and scale this business of mine. If you have an idea you have been sitting on- give yourself a timeline and get it created! I am proof you can take a concept to market in 7 days.

In today’s video, I take an idea for an online business and build it into a profitable product in 7 days’ time! You will watch as I go over different ideas for online businesses in 2023, how I put systems in place to manage/run my business, product creation, marketing, and finally launch day! I will even show you the first couple of days of my business being live and how much it is projected to make in its first month.

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