Easiest Way To Start An Online Business From $0

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I’m Jensen Tung, a filmmaker and entrepreneur with a love for entrepreneurship, personal finance, and self-improvement. My goal is to help you create a more fulfilling life for yourself. Subscribe to be a part of the journey!


In this video, I cover how to start a real, profitable online eCommerce business from scratch! This is a simplified version of the Go-To-Market strategy that I have used to generate multiple 6 figures in profit (not just revenue!) across several businesses. Learning and understanding the foundation of this process will set you up for success in every business you pursue.

0:00 – How To Start An Online Business From $0
0:20 – Step 1
2:35 – Step 2
4:41 – Step 3
7:37 – Step 4
9:28 – Step 5
10:48 – Step 6

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